Rosia Montana and the Roman Galleries

Rosia Montana is situated on the North-Western slope of the Apuseni Mountains (Carpathians Western range) at about 80 km distance from Alba Iulia ; 50 km from Brad and between 11 km and 15 km from the cities of Abrud and Campeni. Situated at almost 800 m altitude, Rosia Montana is a charming village, far away from the city rush, with views that combine slow slopes and large rock cliffs that protect Roman Galleries .

The Roman Galleries ' entrances can be easily traced due to their trapezoid shapes dug into the rocks that surround Rosia Montana . Climbing on the top of the rock cliffs is easy and well worth it; this at any time of the day. The views are spectacular!
Alburnus Maior is the Roman name of the fortress from Roşia Montană and it may well be the most authentic document that portrays the mining activities of the Roman Empire. The fortress is proof of the tehnical genious of 2000 years ago. The galleries now have electrical power and remind visitors of old gold mines.

Rosia Montana is the oldest mining documented settlement in Romania (about 1870 years old). To date many examples of Rosia Montana 's
Roman heritage are still preserved - i.e. the Roman mine galleries and a circular mausoleum etc. Along the paths of Rosia Montana, you can find traditional wooden houses spread among picturesque pastures and small forests as well as the towns' centre; the old square ('Piata Veche') famous for its impressive 18th century architecture.

Alburnus Maior has been an important settlement since pre-Roman and Roman times due to its richness in gold and silver. Many of its
archeological vestiges have been preserved until present. The Dacian and Roman galleries are a challenge and an adventure for any visitor.
The so-called Cârnic Mountain or 'The Olimp Mountain' as some archaeologists like to call it, is one of Europe's most impressive and
well-preserved archaeological mining vestige; forming a labyrinth of Dacian, Roman and Medieval galleries; an exceptional testimony of history of precious metal mining.

Today there is a constant fight between - on one side - the authorities who wish to enhance the value of the place and Gold Corporation -
the company to be in charge of the project and on the other side some of the locals and Rosia Montana activists-who sustain the campaign
to save the town of Rosia Montana from being turned into Europe's largest open cast cyanide gold mine.

Alburnus Maior' is a community NGO based at Rosia Montana. It was founded in September 2000 by villagers from Rosia Montana and Bucium to oppose Gabriel Resources' gold mine proposal which entails the destruction of Rosia Montana and its surroundings. The association's opposition is based on social, environmental, cultural and economic grounds. Official website:

Roşia Montană Gold Corporation (RMGC) is a company established in 1997, in Alba County, whose shareholders are the mining state company Minvest Deva - with 19.31% and Gabriel Resources – with 80.685%. RMGC says it is due to develop the most modern mine in Romania, in
Roşia Montană, bringing major benefits to the Romanian economy. As a model mine, Roşia Montană Project , according to them, will set up a
new standard forresponsible gold mining, both at the level of the European Union and worldwide. Official website:

But not the last, what is most important to mention is that there are many enjoyable tourist attractions at Rosia Montana . To mention just a few there are the discovery walks, the mining museum, the annual 'hay festival'- FanFest , the traditional Apuseni households and the clear lakes
calledthe 'tauri'. If you are keen on having both a cultural and an adventure trip , then Rosia Montana should be for sure one of your choice.

In addition to the wildlife and plants, the discovery walks of Rosia Montana invite you to see and explore striking Roman marks of ancient
settlements and to visit the Roman Gallery at the Mining Museum. One you have walked along the village's cobbled roads consider spending
a relaxing afternoon at one of farmhouses scattered all over the Rosia Montana and Corna. The farmhouses lie on the valley, offering a holiday
ideal for relaxing, practicing sports and discovering local culture and simple culinary delights. Discovery Walks in Rosia Montana website: